Welcome to Pristine Paige Events

Pristine Paige is an event design and management company specializing in weddings, corporate and social events across the world. We are headquarterd in Ahmedabad and our efficient team only aims to have a smooth and happy event from start to finish anywhere in the world. Being in the industry for almost two decades, Pristine Paige is capable of conceptualising and executing an unforgettable party, wedding and events that you want to host for your loved ones.

We believe in creating magic that you have only dreamt of. Be it picking the best photographer, catering team or following up on little things, we do it all. We listen to you and make sure to reflect your personality and warmth in all the events that we design and execute for you. Because we believe in creating forever together!

What We Do

Pristine Paige is a team of passionate, street smart and savvy individuals. With our core services like Weddings, destination weddings and events, corporate events and Social events, we love to deliver moments that are entertaining, chic and remain an unforgettable part of your life. We know how to make complex logistics task easy and seamless. As the team likes to travel and explore, all of us can interpret the heartbeat of each location. Pristine Paige is known for being the most favorite and loved event design and Management Company.


    Be it a traditional Indian wedding or an intimate and stress-free romantic wedding, Pristine Paige is a wonderful pick. Because it is our passion to make your dream wedding come true. We let you take a back seat to make the most of the love and togetherness in those moments. And we lead to take care and let everyone experience the magic and love created for you two. Because for us, every wedding is our D-Day!


    When it comes to destination weddings and events, Pristine Paige is a star player. An extravagant or a low key destination wedding or event, the team pristine will guide you in everything from wedding location recce, hospitality and logistics, catering, décor to photographers at the best price possible to let you cherish these memories for the life ahead.

    Innovations and gifting

    Pristine Paige focuses on detailing extensively. From deciding a gift, choosing them for your guests, wrapping it with that crisp paper to a perfect bow knot to the gift, we plan and innovate gifting for your events. Gifts are personal and that’s why it is not an easy task to choose something that’s either liked or loved by all the guests. We as a team, put an extra effort in researching and knowing about your guests to gift them that brings smile to their faces. Because, for Pristine Paige happy faces matter the most!

Client Testimonial

Had an amazing experience with the team. Highly professional and perfect team. Thank you for making my moment memorable.

John Doe

Amazing Experience